“Aho, darixga” Hello, How are you?

(This is the Ioway Native Language)

Welcome to our Bear Claw Heritage History and Photo Gallery Page!

View this page to learn and explore the history of the Ioway Tribe and Campbell family history. You’ll see where our history began and how diverse it really is. We are still firmly rooted in our history and are proud to have an opportunity to showcase those roots and share with you.

The Proud Tribal Heritage of Bear Claw Construction:

The Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska (family is traced back to Chief No Heart 1797-1862)

The Executive Tribal Council of Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska:

•Timothy Rodd, Chairman

•Brandon Roberts, Vice Chairman

•Anthony Fee, Secretary

•Robert Hullman, Treasurer

•Bradley Campbell, Member

The Executive Director of Housing for the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska:

•Bradley Campbell

Brad and his Great Uncle Emil Campbell – Tribal Elder. We had a special celebration for his 90th birthday at the 2013 Pow Wow.

Four generations of Campbell men at the 2013 Pow Wow

Chief White Cloud – this image is a detail from George Catlin’s “The White Cloud, Head Chief of the Iowas

Daguerrotype of No Heart, brother of White Cloud (Mahaska) I, son of Mahaga; uncle of White Cloud (Mahaska) II, or Francis (Frank) White Cloud.  No Heart was Chief of the Ioways after White Cloud II.  Principal/Owner Brad Campbell is the descendent of Chief No Heart.

Principal/Owner, Brad Campbell’s great-grandfather, Harvey Campbell (first Tribal Chairman), assisting in the blessing of one of the Tribe’s first buildings with Chief White Cloud of the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska.

Members of the Raymond Campbell family on the reservation; went from living in a TeePee (1931), Dug-out (1932) to the first log cabin in 1936.

Principal/Owner, Brad Campbell’s father, Bill Campbell praying a prayer of blessing for the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska at the day care ribbon cutting.

“The Housing Authority of the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska has worked with Bear Claw Construction on numerous projects. They are a great company to work with. They go way above and beyond to satisfy their clients. We would strongly recommend them to anyone.” -Bradley Campbell, Housing Director